About this site

The Internet Wishlist is a collection of ideas for apps and websites people are wishing for. Think of it like a suggestion box for the future of technology. Ideas range from web to mobile, realistic to imaginary, and helpful to humorous.

In a world of me-too startups, we hope this project inspires entrepreneurs, developers and designers to innovate and build the products and features that people want.

To contribute, post an idea on Twitter and include #theiwl in your tweet.

A project by
Magenta Labs.

How to Contribute

If you’d like to contribute to The Internet Wishlist, simply post on Twitter about an app or site you wish to see built and include #theiwl in your tweet. 

Please note: Not all tweets tagged #theiwl will be posted. Only the most forward thinking ideas will be shared on this site and on Twitter @theiwl.

The ideas posted on this website originate from public tweets on Twitter.com. To view the original tweet of an idea, click the link on the top right of each post.

If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch