The Internet Wishlist

Jan 08

“I wish iOS apps had an *invite a friend via txt message* button in the app.” — – @amrit

Dec 15

"I wish that the sale of over-the-counter flu and cold medications were tracked in realtime. That way I could instantly see where there are outbreaks of the flu or disease." – Anonymous Submission

Aug 07

“How about a reverse eBay: people post something they are interested in buying, and vendors compete to offer the lowest bid.” — – @KeithStoeckeler

Jun 08

“Someone should start running tests on which iPhone apps kill your battery life and publish the results.” — – @vacanti

May 28

“A home automation system where lights brighten and dim depending on the amount of natural light through the windows.” — – @blerten

May 24

“It would be cool if the App Store displayed tweets about an app as real-time reviews.” — – @amrit

May 06

“I want a Spotify app that contains a bar code reader. Imagine scanning old CD jewel cases to add albums to your Spotify account.” — – @hunterwalk

May 01

“I feel like it should be possible to give health insurance as a gift.” — – @Loh

Apr 27

“Over half of my emails are calendaring related…so inefficient…which startup is going to solve this problem?” — – @shaig

Apr 23

“I wish there was an app that let you instantly hear what strangers around you are listening to.” — – @WIREDInsider

Apr 22

“I would like to be able to watch American TV shows as soon as they’re released in one simple service.” — –@nottRobin

Apr 21

“I wish we could use logins instead of SIM cards for mobile phones.” — – @BobbyBags