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The Internet Wishlist is a collection of ideas for apps and websites people are wishing for. Think of it like a suggestion box for the future of technology. Ideas range from web to mobile, realistic to imaginary, and helpful to humorous.

In a world of me-too startups, we hope this project inspires entrepreneurs, developers and designers to innovate and build the products and features that people want.

To contribute, post an idea on Twitter and include #theiwl in your tweet.

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I wish iOS apps had an *invite a friend via txt message* button in the app.

– @amrit

Posted on Wednesday, January 8th 2014

"I wish that the sale of over-the-counter flu and cold medications were tracked in realtime. That way I could instantly see where there are outbreaks of the flu or disease." – Anonymous Submission

Posted on Sunday, December 15th 2013

How about a reverse eBay: people post something they are interested in buying, and vendors compete to offer the lowest bid.

– @KeithStoeckeler

Posted on Wednesday, August 7th 2013

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Someone should start running tests on which iPhone apps kill your battery life and publish the results.

– @vacanti

Posted on Saturday, June 8th 2013

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A home automation system where lights brighten and dim depending on the amount of natural light through the windows.

– @blerten

Posted on Tuesday, May 28th 2013

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It would be cool if the App Store displayed tweets about an app as real-time reviews.

– @amrit

Posted on Friday, May 24th 2013

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I want a Spotify app that contains a bar code reader. Imagine scanning old CD jewel cases to add albums to your Spotify account.

– @hunterwalk

Posted on Monday, May 6th 2013

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Over half of my emails are calendaring related…so inefficient…which startup is going to solve this problem?

– @shaig

Posted on Saturday, April 27th 2013

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I would like to be able to watch American TV shows as soon as they’re released in one simple service.


Posted on Monday, April 22nd 2013

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